Adaptive Personas

People behave differently in different situations

People don’t always behave in the same way!

Customer personas work well in a single channel but can become ineffective in a multi-channel marketing campaign. Adaptive Personas take into account the platform, the channel and the individual customer to deliver a more engaging experience.

Adaptive Personas are detailed descriptions of each of your target customers – similar to segmentation profiling. The difference being that each customer will dynamically transition between one or more of your Adaptive Personas in any given day, hour or minute depending on their changing behaviour and real-time analytics, whilst live on your website.

Adaptive Personas

Each client’s unique set of Adaptive Personas are developed based on how human beings make decisions within short time constraints and using limited information – a typical online scenario. The new methods include Bayesian, Heuristics and pattern recognition to analyse and interpret ‘flash’ behaviours simultaneously with demographic, lifestyle, social and transactional data – all in a fraction of a second.

The results give Shine CK clients the tools needed to make robust, reliable and responsive decisions.