From the first moment a customer begins their journey with you, Shine CK has built an individual Adaptive Persona based on a wealth of ‘on-the-spot’ insight. This means that the instant they return to your website you will know exactly what web pages, offers or promotions are most likely to appeal and encourage them to buy at that precise moment. In short, Shine CK helps to increase your conversion rate and ROI.

But it doesn’t stop there – in fact each Adaptive Persona continues to evolve. Unlike offline profiling, an individual’s changing behaviours and preferences are not based on predictive analysis alone, they are based on instant and immediate knowledge that enables companies to make ‘in-the-moment’ decisions about how and when to interact and engage appropriately.

What’s more we can tell you the combination of online and offline media channels you should use as part of an integrated media strategy to retain or win them back. All of this can be actioned in the blink of an eye – so the moment someone abandons their basket or leaves your website you can pre-schedule a series of automatic events to target through direct channels depending on their unique preferences, such as email, SMS, social media, telemarketing or direct mail.