Shine CK’s solution has been inspired by the way in which individuals make decisions. The web has reduced the traditional buying cycle with consumers making quick and sometimes instant decisions, nearly always based on the limited information presented to them at the time. Because the consumer is increasingly making snap buying decisions, the traditional way of building offline profiles from which to plan forthcoming campaigns is too slow and out of date by the time they are applied.

We apply real-life attributes about your actual customers in the digital environment, ensuring brands are positioned ‘in the moment’ delivering the optimum experience to increase conversion whilst reducing costs.

Insight & Analysis

Data is vast and often frustrating. You know you have all the information you need at your fingertips to transform your business – but where do you start?

Shine CK helps companies to understand their customers as individuals, taking into account their lifestyle, behaviours, performance, media consumption, preferred channel and disposition, to reveal patterns and similarities that help companies define groups and segments to enable precise targeting.

Our full insight services include Business Intelligence, Market Sizing, Customer Relocation, Customer Journey to Lifetime Value, Propensity Modelling, Risk Profiling and Media Strategy.

Customer Knowledge Management

Nebula™ is the knowledge platform working to transform the constant supply of structured and unstructured data, arriving from multiple sources, into intelligent and actionable insights based on real-time customer information.

It creates knowledge from data chaos, identifying, focusing and connecting seemingly meaningless information, and building layer upon layer of data in real-time to give you a dynamic 3D picture of each of your customers.

It is able to analyse, interpret and relay real-time actions back to a clients’ website and marketing team enabling them to optimise the consumer experience within milliseconds, leading to happier and better performing on and offline customers.

Our full data management services include Single Customer Views, Database Hosting, Customer Relationship Management through Data Hygiene.