Do you know who you’re talking to?

A new customer lands on your website. You don’t know who they are, they have no browser history with you and as far as you know they’ve never purchased from you before.

So how can you possibly give them an individual online experience; adapting the way you engage with them and talking to them in a way they are most likely to respond, with offers that are targeted to appeal to them at that precise moment?

At Shine CK, we create sophisticated prospect behaviour models, using anonymised data from browser history and past transactions, of existing customers, as well as retrieving real-time information direct from digital data points across multiple sites, to affect an online targeting strategy.

We simultaneously measure and analyse vast amounts of information, including demographics, lifestyle, behavioural, social profiles and transactional history to capture the essence of an individual and generate a unique ‘persona’ at a particular moment in time.

All of this is done in an instant so you can maximise your ROI by perfectly adapting the content, visual, offer and journey for each individual visitor to your site in the time it takes to download your homepage.